New shelter for internally displaced persons
in Chovno-Fedorivka
Report on the equipment of a new shelter for IDPs
in Poltava region, Ukraine by Rotary Club Kyiv International
NGO "ROTARY CLUB KYIV INTERNATIONAL" implemented a project to equip a new IDP accommodation center in Poltava region. The project was supported by the NGO SILAB UKRAINE and a few Rotary Clubs.
This is the fourth shelter we have organized since the beginning of the war. Prior to that, three centers were organized in western Ukraine: in the city of Uzhgorod (Zakarpattia region), the town Zolochiv (Lviv region) and the village of Polyanitsa (Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Poltava is one of the closest to the most dangerous regions of Ukraine. There is relative security now. Therefore, people from Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions due to the tense situation come here in the first place. Due to the large flow of people, the communities of Poltava region are faced with the fact that there are no new equipped buildings to place migrants.

For this reason, on April 21, 2022, the Opishnya village council submitted an official appeal to the president of the Poltava club "ROTARY" with a request to provide material humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons, which will be located in the local center for internally displaced persons in Poltava region, village Chovno-Fedorivka.

From the first day of the war, people in the whole community were received and placed in dormitories, kindergartens, and at the homes of local residents. A local school was chosen to equip the new shelter.

The management and volunteers of the NGO "ROTARY CLUB KYIV INTERNATIONAL" with the funding of the NGO "SILAB UKRAINE" promptly organized and carried out the purchase and delivery of a list of goods that Opishnyanskaya united territorial community identified as most necessary.

The school in Chovno-Fedorivka, that was chosen to equip the new shelter.
On May 21, everything needed was delivered:
80 sleeping places were equipped with beds, mattresses, blankets and pillows.
Kitchen utensils so that people can cook and store food: induction hobs, microwave ovens, refrigerators with freezers, dining tables for 6 places to eat.

Representatives of the Opishnyanska Community drew our attention to the fact that it is important to buy washing machines. Because people sometimes flee the war without changing clothes, and spend several days on the road to a safe place. And the need to wash things is one of the first when settling. We partially covered this need, and bought washing machines.

As you can see, the need for new centers for migrants, unfortunately, is not decreasing. Many people have not just moved to a safer place, but have completely lost their homes and have nowhere to return.
Therefore, in addition to equipment, such centers need a constant supply of humanitarian aid and improved living conditions. We also do this in our other projects.

You can also join the resettlement assistance with the Rotary Club Kyiv International.

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