Stages of the project
Stages of the project
We plan to start with 10 children from prosperous families in the framework of the project "Financial Literacy", new Interacts
To do this, we involve Rotary Clubs from other cities, psychologists, coaches - to launch a pilot project.
After the pilot project (in 12 months) we plan to expand our work to children who are in difficult living conditions (large families, orphans, special needs, others)
What children will receive
Understanding that someone needs them and they are not alone in this world, personal development, the possibility of professional growth, employment opportunities, understanding of their own talents, capabilities, abilities and desires, as well as master the necessary skills.
What Rotarians and mentors receive
The image of the organization that creates good for children, the real impact on the social component of the local community (city).
The authority of the organization that is the leader in the development of the ministry and mentoring program.
Opportunity to volunteer for their employees in the workplace, possible future employees, transfer of program experience to other organizations after the pilot.
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What society will get
An example of social responsibility of a caring business through a practical, modern and effective program to help children and young people in difficult life circumstances.
During the program, the talents, opportunities and interests of the participants are identified and constant psychological support is provided to maintain motivation.
The program includes weekly meetings with children - for training on personal development, motivation, understanding of desires and talents, etc., and various activities to introduce children to possible professions.
An individual approach to each of the participants will provide maximum benefit, practicality and the expected result.
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