Open a financial literacy club in your locality
To become a city coordinator (to open a financial literacy club in your city)
Register and leave your contact details (mobile phone with viber / telegram + e-mail)

Our coordinator will contact you and ask some questions about participation in the project (how much time are you willing to allocate for the project, motivation, the desired area of the city, etc.)

Our administrative team will add you to the viber / telegram group, where invitations to first-level games are constantly published (demonstration game, lasts 2 hours to find out what kind of training game it is).

Interview with the project coordinators in zoom and get materials and instructions to get started.
Arrange with local locations for financial literacy games and enlist the support of the local business community.

Organize the first arrival of coaches for the first level games (demonstration game, which lasts 2 hours to find out what kind of training game it is)
Be ready to become a project administrator in the city or immediately create a project development team in the city.
Coordinators from Kyiv will support and provide assistance, support and guidance on project development in the city.
Leave your details and our representative will contact you
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