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About the project
The situation with coronavirus and quarantine has exposed the problem of unpreparedness of people for financial collapses in the family budget - it is no longer possible to live "from salary to salary."

It is difficult to go through such periods without having deposited/reinvested money. This demonstrated the need to take care of the "financial cushion" in advance.

Project goals
To increase the level of financial literacy among the young population of Ukraine and learn to solve financial challenges
To inculcate the skills of joint solution of challenges, teamwork, mutual assistance
To inculcate the skills of charity and the ability to take responsibility for others
Give people a conscious choice to move from the "employee" square to the "self-employed", "businessman", "investor" squares (According to Robert Kiyosaki's quadrants)
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Our achievements
  • 1272
    A number of volunteers from the date of launch of the project in June 2020 and at the end of the year. Of these, 750+ are active in chats
  • 1653
    The total number of volunteers in March 2021
  • 100
    Thanks to active parents, more than 100 teenagers take part in the project (without school statistics)
  • 550
    The games have been held since the beginning of the project in June 2020
Number of games
Last year, 7 to 15 full games, 2-4 games for beginners with a professional coach and 1-2 training games (training for a game leader) were held every week.
In 2021, we hold an average of 25-35 full games per week (5 hours each)
The largest number of games was held in the last week of January this year - 35
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