Humanitarian aid for the Kharkiv region
20 tons of humanitarian aid to the residents of the Kharkiv region
Residents of the liberated territories of the cities of Kharkiv region, as well as nearby villages, were under occupation for a long time and survived in difficult conditions under constant shelling and airstrikes.
In some places, more than 80% of buildings were destroyed in the specified districts of Kharkiv region. The enemy hit the cities and villages with weapons of all calibers in its arsenal, as a result, houses were destroyed by artillery, administrative buildings were gutted by tanks.

After the occupation, people have virtually nothing, many need basic household items and food in order to start gradually rebuilding their homes, and at least somehow be prepared for winter in dilapidated buildings.

First of all, food boxes were provided, which included the necessary food and hygiene products.
Rotary Club Kyiv International in cooperation with the 1st Kharkiv Humanitan Hub and Charitable Fund "Development Foundation of Ukraine" purchased, packed and delivered boxes with food and hygiene products.

Residents of the communities of the liberated territories of the Kharkiv region received boxes for the family with the necessary products!

This project can be called all-Ukrainian!

The items included in the box were purchased exclusively from local producers to support local businesses in different cities!

In the west of Ukraine, in Rivne, volunteers packed more than 850 boxes and transferred them to the east of Ukraine, to the city of Kharkiv.

Next, these boxes with humanitarian items went to settlements of the Kharkiv region. Unloading and transfer of food boxes were carried out by Rotary Club "Kharkiv Multinational" together with volunteers from "1st Kharkiv Humanitarian Hub".
850 aid boxes were received by families in Izyum, Valky, Kupyansk, Velikiy Burluk, and villages near these towns.
850 families received food kits and hygiene products. Вox contents: pasta, flour, wheat groats, barley groats, pearl groats, white sugar, corn groats, chicken meat in its own juice, stewed pork meat, refined sunflower oil. Hygiene: wet wipes, toothpaste, liquid cream soap, shampoo.

We are infinitely grateful to all our partners, who do not care how Ukrainians live, how they will winter in the conditions of war.

Together to Victory!

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