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ЗWe invite you to become a member of the Rotary Club Kyiv International and join the global association of professionals to serve the development of communities
About the club
Rotary International is an international non-governmental organization that unites Rotary clubs around the world. We are a network of non-religious and non-political charitable public organizations that unite the best representatives of all countries, regardless of nationality and race, religion and political views.
"Service above self"
Areas of service
Promoting peace
Building world peace in war-torn places, working with people displaced by hostilities.
Rescue of mothers and children
Reduction of mortality of children under 5 years of age. Improving medical care and sanitation. Vaccination of children, antibiotics for children.
Ensuring the growth of the local economy
Projects that stimulate economic development create decent conditions for productive work. Strengthening enterprises.
Education support
Improving adult literacy, improving basic education, and reducing gender inequality in education.
Disease prevention and treatment
Improve and expand access to affordable and free health care. Help prevent the spread of serious diseases.
Providing the population with clean drinking water
More than 3,000 children die every day from intestinal diseases caused by bad water. Rotary projects focus on the development of water supply and sewerage systems.
Polio Eradication Campaign. A separate direction
This is a terrible infectious disease, the only salvation from which is vaccination. For more than 30 years, Rotary has been systematically initiating and supporting mass vaccination of children and adults around the world, which is impressive - Polio has been eradicated by 99.9%. We hope to give children a world free of this disease in the next few years.
Polio Eradication Campaign
A separate direction
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